May Newsletter

  1. What We Are Going to Learn
  2. Field Day
  3. PE Students of the Month
  1. Assessments
  2. Reminders
Students will be learning:
  •  the fundamental skills to throwing and catching
  • running routes/creating space/ making cuts/defensive skills
  • Playing and accepting students with different skill levels
  • Demonstrating constructive feedback and directions.

  • Dribbling Skills
  • Chest Pass and Bounce Passing
  • Shooting Technique
  • Creating Space/Making Cuts/Defensive Skills and Knowledge
  • Learning about challenge and how the brain overcomes it. 
Students will be graded on their ability to demonstrate their grade level outcome for each basketball/football skill covered in class. 

Each grade level has particular outcome that is expected to be demonstrated by the end of the unit. These outcomes are located in the Outcome section of the website. 
Please help ensure that your student can safely and effectively participate in physical education by dressing apporiately and bringing athletic footwear. 

4th Quarter Progress Reports coming May 19th
We are in the process of creating events for field day and we are looking for parent volunteers to be chaperones for this event. Our dates are TBA at the moment but will be toward the end of May/Early June. Please let us know if you are able to join us! 
6th Grade
-Michael Denka
5th Grade

3rd Grade

2nd Grade