Basketball Curriculum


Learning Outcomes
Dribbles with dominant hand using a change of speed and direction in a variety of practice tasks. (S1.M8.6)

Dribbles continuously in self-space using the preferred hand. (S1.E17.1)

Dribbles in self-space with preferred hand demonstrating a mature pattern. (S1.E17.2a)

Dribbles and travels in general space at slow to moderate jogging speed with control of ball and body. (S1.E17.3)

Dribbles using the preferred hand while walking in general space. (S1.E17.2b)

Passes a basketball by keeping the ball at chest level, elbows out, and takes a step with their opposite foot.

Shoots a lightweight ball by keeping the ball chest level, elbows in, and projects the ball with an arc.

Recognizes that challenge in physical activities can lead to success. (S5.E2.1)
Compares physical activities that bring confidence and challenge. (S5.E2.2)

State Goals
Goal 19 - 19.A.1; 19.B.1; 19.C.1

Goal 20 - 20.A.1a; 20.A.1b; 20.B.1; 20.C.1

Goal 21 - 21.A.1a; 21.A.1b; 21.A.1c; 21.B.1

Goal 22 - 22.B.1

Goal 23 - 23.B.1; 23.C.1

Goal 24 - 24.A.1a; 24.A.1b;

Unit Blue Print 
Lesson 1: Introduction to basketball/ Preassessment Dribbling/Passing Activities
Lesson 2: Teacher-guided instruction to Dribbling
Lesson 3: Teacher-guided instruction to Dribbling: Student Activity Assessment
Lesson 4: Culminating Dribbling Activity-Learning Outcome Assessment
Lesson 5: Teacher Led Instruction to Passing: Chest Pass, Bounce Pass, Overhead Pass.
Lesson 6: Teacher Guided Instruction: Passing with Student Activity AssessmentLesson 7: Culminating Dribbling and Passing Activity
Lesson 8: Teacher Guided Instruction to Shooting
Lesson 9: Teacher Guided Instruction to Shooting: Student Activity Assessment
Lesson 10: Culminating Shooting Activity-Learning Outcome Assessment
Lesson 11: Culminating Basketball Activity Incorporating: Dribbling, Passing & Shooting
Lesson 12: Culminating Basketball Activity Incorporating: Dribbling, Passing & Shooting

-Smash The Fruit Dribbling: dribbling consecutively
-Red Light/Green Light Dribbling: stop and go dribbling
-Eye Spy Dribbling: eyes up dribbling
-Obstacle Course Dribbling: moving and avoiding obstacles

-Hot Potato Passing: Passing technique
-Pass and Go: Passing and Moving
-Balloon Passing: Hitting a Target

-Clothespin Basketball: shooting arc and technique
-Hula Hoop basketball: improving accuracy
*Dribbling Learning Outcome Rubric
*Passing Checklist
*Shooting Checklist