Cooperative Curriculum


Learning Outcomes

Personal responsibility
Exhibits personal responsibility by using appropriate etiquette, demonstrating respect for facilities, and exhibiting safe behaviors. (S4.M1.6)
Exhibits responsible social behaviors by cooperating with classmates, demonstrating inclusive behaviors and supporting classmates. (S4.M1.7)
Accepts responsibility for improving one’s own levels of physical activity and fitness. (S4.M1.8)
Identifies and uses appropriate strategies to self-reinforce positive fitness behaviors, such as self-talk. (S4.M2.6)
Demonstrates both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation by selecting opportunities to participate in physical activity outside of class. (S4.M2.7)
Uses effective self-monitoring skills to incorporate opportunities for physical activity in and outside of school. (S4.M2.8)

Accepting feedback
Demonstrates self-responsibility by implementing specific corrective feedback to improve performance. (S4.M3.6)
Provides corrective feedback to a peer, using teacher-generated guidelines, and incorporating appropriate tone and other communication skills. (S4.M3.7)
Provides encouragement and feedback to peers without prompting from the teacher. (S4.M3.8)

Working with others
Accepts differences among classmates in physical development, maturation, and varying skill levels by providing encouragement and positive feedback. (S4.M4.6)
Demonstrates cooperation skills by establishing rules and guidelines for resolving conflicts. (S4.M4.7)
Responds appropriately to participants’ ethical and unethical behavior during physical activity by using rules and guidelines for resolving conflicts. (S4.M4.8)
Cooperates with small group of classmates during adventure activities, game play, or team-building activities. (S4.M5.6)
Problem-solves with a small group of classmates during adventure activities, small-group initiatives or game play. (S4.M5.7)
Cooperates with multiple classmates on problem-solving initiatives including adventure activities, large-group initiatives and game play. (S4.M5.8)

Rules & etiquette
Identifies the rules and etiquette for physical activities, games, and dance activities. (S4.M6.6)
Demonstrates knowledge of rules and etiquette by self-officiating modified physical activities and games or following parameters to create or modify a dance. (S4.M6.7)
Applies rules and etiquette by acting as an official for modified physical activities and games and creating dance routines within a given set of parameters. (S4.M6.8)

Uses physical activity and fitness equipment appropriately and safely, with the teacher's guidance. (S4.M7.6)
Independently uses physical activity and exercise equipment appropriately and safely. (S1.M7.7)
Independently uses physical activity and fitness equipment appropriately, and identifies specific safety concerns associated with the activity. (S1.M7.8)

State Goals
Goal 19 - 19.A.3a; 19.B.3b; 19.C.3a
Goal 20 - 20.A.3a; 20.A.3b; 20.C.3a
Goal 21 - 21.A.3a; 21.A.3b; 21.A.3c; 21.B.3a
Goal 23 - 23.A.3a
Goal 24 - 24.A.2a; 24.A.2b; 24.B.2

Mini Squad Team Drawing
Name Game/Interview
Electricity Tap Activity
Connect 4 relay
Tongue Twister Relay
Paper Towers Activity
Life Jacket Passing Activity/ Group Juggling
Matt Flip Teamwork
Jumprope Challenges
Team Bobsled
Team Pathway Activity
Indiana Jones Activity
Hula Hut Tunnel Escape- & Cone Catcher.

Gym Culture and Expectation Quiz
Respect and Responsibility Checklist
Google Form Peer Assessment “Feedback”
Google Classroom Culture Survey

Unit Blue Print

Lesson 1: Teacher Introduction: Physical Ed. Culture and Etiquette=Interview Activity
Lesson 2: Review Culture and Etiquette & Names=Icebreaker
Lesson 3: Application Activity of Remembering Rules and Culture of Venues: Jeopardy Quiz
Lesson 4: Introduction of Respect and Responsibility
Lesson 5:Introduction of Communication
Lesson 6: Review Respect, Responsibility, and Communication with Application Activity.
Lesson 7:Introduction of Trust and Giving Feedback
Lesson 8: Review Giving Feedback and Trust Principles: Activity
Lesson 9:Practice Teamwork Performance Task
Lesson 10: Graded Teamwork Performance Task Activity