Cooperative Learning Curriculum


Learning Outcomes

S4.E1 Personal Responsibility
Follows directions in group settings (e.g. safe behaviors, following rules, taking turns). (S4.E1.K)
Accepts personal responsibility by using equipment and space appropriately. (S4.E1.1)
Practices skills with minimal teacher prompting. (S4.E1.2)

Acknowledges responsibility for behavior when prompted. (S4.E2.K)
Follows the rules and parameters of the learning environment. (S4.E2.1)
Accepts responsibility for class protocols with behavior and performance actions. (S4.E2.2)

Accepting feedback
Follows instruction/directions when prompted. (S4.E3.K)
Responds appropriately to general feedback from the teacher. (S4.E3.1)
Accepts specific corrective feedback from the teacher. (S4.E3.2)

Working with others
Shares equipment and space with others. (S4.E4.K)
Works independently with others in a variety of class environments (e.g. small and large groups). (S4.E4.1)
Works independently with others in partner environments. (S4.E4.2)

Rules and etiquette
Recognizes the established protocols for class activities. (S4.E5.K)
Exhibits the established protocols for class activities. (S4.E5.1)
Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in teacher-designed physical activities. (S4.E5.2)

State Goals

Goal 19 - 19.A.1; 19.B.1; 19.C.1
Goal 20 - 20.A.1a; 20.A.1b; 20.B.1; 20.C.1
Goal 21 - 21.A.1a; 21.A.1b; 21.A.1c; 21.B.1
Goal 22 - 22.B.1
Goal 23 - 23.B.1; 23.C.1
Goal 24 - 24.A.1a; 24.A.1b


Green Light Yellow Light Red Light
Spaghetti and Meatball Locomotor Activity
Hula Hut Building and Tunnel Escape
Alien Tag
Team Worm Crawl
London Bridge Race
Tunnel Tag
Army-Navy Roll Call

Unit Blue Print
Lesson 1: Introduction to Team Building: Objectives for Unit
Lesson 2: Teacher Instruction:Rules and Etiquette of Gym and Culture
Lesson 3: Teacher Guided Intro Activity: Rules and Etiquette of Gym.
Lesson 4: Application Lesson with minimal teacher prompting of culture and etiquette with application activity.
Lesson 5: Teacher guided Discussion into Responsibility/ Following Directions: Following Direction Activity
Lesson 6:Teacher-guided instruction to the following directions: Student Activity Assessment
Lesson 7: Culminating Direction/Responsibility Activity-Learning Outcome Assessment
Lesson 8: Teacher Led Instruction to Work with Others-Group Team building activity.
Lesson 9: Teacher Led Instruction to Work with Others-Group Team building activity- Refinements and Differentiating
Lesson 10: Culminating Working with Others and Responsibility Activity


*Teacher Direction Checklist
*Working with Others Checklist
*Hula Hut Building Performance Task