Fitness Curriculum

3rd- 5th

Learning Outcomes
3rd Grade
s3.E1.3 Physical Fitness Knowledge
Charts participation in physical activities outside of physical education class
Identifies physical activity benefits as a way to become healthier.

S3.E2.3Engages in Physical Activity
Engages in the activities of physical education class without teacher prompting.

S3.E4.3/ S3.E3.3 Fitness Knowledge
Describes the concept of fitness and provides examples of physical activities that enhance fitness.
Recognizes the importance of warm up and cool down relative to vigorous activity

S3.E5.3 Assessment and program planning
Demonstrates with teacher direction, the health related fitness components.

S3.E6.3 Nutrition
Identifies foods that are beneficial for before and after physical activity

4th Grade
s3.E1.4 Physical Fitness Knowledge
Analyzes opportunities for participating in physical activity outside physical education class

S3.E2.4 Engages in Physical Activity
Actively engages in the activities of physical education class, both teacher directed and independent

S3.E4.4/ S3.E3.4 Fitness Knowledge
Identifies the components of health related fitness

Demonstrates warm up and cool down relative to the cardio respiratory fitness assessment.

S3.E5.4 Assessment and program planning
Completes fitness assessments (pre and post) &
Identifies areas of needed remediation from personal test and teacher identifies strategies to progress in those areas.

S3.E6.4 Nutrition
Discusses the importance of hydration and hydration choices relative to physical activities.

5th Grade
s3.E1.5 Physical Fitness Knowledge
Charts and analyzes physical activity outside of physical education class for fitness benefits of activities

S3.E2.5 Engages in Physical Activity
Actively engages in all the activities of physical education

S3.E3.5 Fitness Knowledge
Differentiates between skill related and health related fitness

S3.E4.5Identifies the need for warm up and cool down relative to various physical activities

S3.E5.5 Assessment and program planning
Analyzes results of fitness assessment (pre and post) comparing results to fitness components for good health

Designs a fitness to plan to address ways to use physical activity to enhance fitness

S3.E6.5 Nutrition
Analyzes the impact of food choices relative to physical activity, youth sports and personal health
State Goals
Goal 19 - 19.A.3; 19.B.3; 19.C.3a; 19.C.3b

Goal 20 - 20.A.3a; 20.A.3b; 20.B.3a; 20.B.3b; 20.C.3a; 20.C.3b; 20.C.3c

Goal 21 - 21.A.3a; 21.A.3b; 21.A.3c; 21.B.3

Goal 22 - 22.A.3a; 22.A.3b; 22.A.3d; 22.B

Goal 23 - 23.A.3; 23.B.3; 23.C.3;

Goal 24 - 24.A.3b; 24.A.3c; 24.B.3; 24.C.3

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