At Dewitt Clinton Elementary School, our mission of our physical education program is to instill the knowledge and skills in each student to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle.
Through our program we strive to do this by having each student learn many locomotor and manipulative skills, different methods and strategies for different activities learned, how to achieve a health-enhancing level of fitness, responsible personal and social behavior that respects ourselves and others, and the ability to recognize the value of physical activity and how it contributes to an improved quality of life.

To encompass this entire range of concepts and goals, our curriculum focuses on giving sequential developmentally appropriate instruction that allows each student to develop these fundamental movement skills, individual/ team sports concepts, and health-enhancing fitness skills which is monitored through continual assessment.  During the time spent at Dewitt Clinton Elementary, we expect that each student will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to live a healthy and physically active lifestyle outside of our program.