What do we want to accomplish?
  • We want to learn new skills so we can participate in a variety of activities
  • We want to know different strategies, concepts, methods, and tactics for the different types of activities we have learned
  • We want to learn how to stay active and demonstrate that we can improve our fitness and health levels.
  • We want to demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior that respects others and ourselves.
  • We want to value physical activity and recognize that physical activity contributes to improved test performance, raised self-concept, reduce the incidence of illnesses and produce a positive impact on the social and emotional well-being of an individual
  • (NASPE Standards)

Student Expectations:
Have a role in class! Your role is a choice of who you are going to be, what you are going to contribute, and what you are going to accomplish in this class. Your choice, Your role, Your experience.

We are going to dive into our personal growth, health, and fitness goals. So every day show up with a personal objective or a personal goal. Show up with a purpose. Show up expecting to fail, and show up with determination to try until you succeed or improve. For that is true personal growth.

If you are absent, YOU are responsible for getting any information or assignments that you may have missed in class. Any missing assignments/assessments will be counted as ZEROs.

Class Rules/Consequences:
Students should:   Be Respectful    Be Responsible      Be Safe       Show Teamwork         Have Fun

If a student chooses to not display responsibility, safety, or respectfulness. They will receive:
1. Verbal Warning-(yellow)
2. Bench Talk-(Red)
3. Parent Letter -(Black)

Daily Routines-
1.) Walk silently into the gym/classroom go into team lines.
2.) Class Instruction/Activities
3.) Debrief/Review/Quiz

-S.L.A.N.T = sit silent, lean forward, ask questions by raising a hand, nod, eyes on the teacher. 
-Whistle = freeze, stop what you are doing, and listen quietly for instructions.
-”Mini Squads”- stop what you are doing, get into line, sit in SLANT position.
- “Circle Up” - stop what you are doing, sit on black circle, listen to instructions.

40% - Performing Skills-
Peer Checklists                             Teacher Checklists                                  Skill Rubrics

30% - Learning-
Quizzes           Tests         Projects          In Class Assignments

30%- Behavior/Attitudes-
Weekly behavior objectives that emphasize challenge, teamwork, leadership, attitudes toward teacher and peers.

Extra Motivation:
“Never let a day go by where you say to yourself, "I’ll try better tomorrow”

Fun Facts:
- 30-45 minutes of resistance training gives you more sustained energy than a Red Bull
- Do you struggle to fall asleep? Regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster and gives you a deeper better sleep
-To lose one pound of fat, a person has to burn roughly 3,500 calories
- Since your brain is concentrated on music when you run or lift weights and not the weight or burn you lift more and run farther
- According to studies, it takes approximately two weeks to lose muscular gains from a workout.
-In a bad mood or stress out? Studies have shown that immediately after a workout people feel more confident, claim feelings of higher self esteem, less stressed and overall in a happier mood